Easter Re-cap

Yesterday was the anniversary of our Savior's Resurrection and we had a wonderful day of celebration! I had spent about 14 hours on Saturday prepping for Sunday so I would not have to do anything more than enjoy the day. I cleaned, made potato salad, cleaned, made bread, cleaned, prepped the veggies to roast in the oven, cleaned, ironed our clothes for church, and cleaned some more! How did this place get so dirty?!!! Oh yeah, all four of us -five if you count the dog are crammed in a 750 sq. foot house! (That's a whole different story!) When you have such a small place if everything is not in its place then it gets claustrophobic in a hurry! Princess, our long haired border collie, is more of a culprit than you would think. I think she sheds 1/2 her body weight in hair daily! Even after you sweep or vacuum there is always a clump hidden somewhere; you can NEVER get it all!! Its the bane of my existence! That and laundry, but that's for another day. Anyways, I finished all the hard work on Saturday. Sunday morning the kids woke up at 7:30 am (I had told them not to even think about getting up before then!! I'm NOT a morning person!) and informed us that Mr. EB had indeed made his delivery. The rest of the day entailed church with my in-laws, a yummy lunch of brisket and the fixins' and then the much anticipated egg hunt. Here's where I messed up! I regretfully did not get any good pictures!!! On top of that I forgot to get pictures of the girls in their dresses!! They were so cute!

Oh well, I'll have to get some when they were them again next weekend for my twin niece's baby dedication. Then I can just label them as Easter pics in my computer and no one will be the wiser. Shhhh.....don't tell!

Here are the pictures I did get. I don't know if they are worth posting, but at least you will see that I tried somewhat. I'm going to have to  work on making taking pictures a priority again, like it was when they were younger. It wouldn't hurt, of course if I had a new SLR camera......maybe someday.

 What's with the goofy face?!!

This scrubby thing on the ground is a mesquite "tree" the girls decided to save from the mower by putting bricks around it. Did I mention how silly they are?!!!

Also, I'm sharing with you one of our most memorable Easters! It was 2007 and it snowed! Ummm.....we lived in central TEXAS! We don't even get snow in the WINTER most of the time! This was a BIG deal!

Sorry, my camera was even worse then!

Even Princess go in on the fun!

We made a "snow BUNNY" instead of a snowman!

How was your Easter? How crazy are you about taking pictures? Do you find yourself getting lazier about taking them as your kids get older?

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  1. You should have called your local photographer for those pictures you forgot to take. :)


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