Im mealting!

Its ridiculously HOT in south Texas today! The temp it something like 103!! My car, when I got off work around 3:15pm, said 110, but I think it might have just been because it was sitting in the sun. Although, if someone told me it was 110 degrees out side I would believe them! Why does the heat make you feel so tired? Is it you body's way of slowing you down so you don't do too much and get over heated? I could so go for some ice cream or a snow cone right now. Or any time really, but it sounds extra good today!

Any one remember these?

I had one once...where is that thing! I sure could use it now!

I think I might have to make an ice cream run!

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream or snow cone? Or popsicles for that matter?

Hows about: What is you favorite cold treat? There! That's better!

Do you like bomb pops, coke floats, or straight up vanilla ice cream? What sounds so good to you that you would be willing to load up two kiddos and brave the 100+ degree weather to go get?

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