Introducing Princess!

Today I would like to introduce everyone to my third (and hairiest) daughter....Princess!

Awww! A face only a mother could love!

Let me tell you how she came to be a important part of out family:

We started out with a different border collie named Gretchen. We bought her from a local guy who raises them. She was the most beautiful dog you've ever seen. She was only six months old and very rambunctious! We all became very attached to her very quickly. She was the first dog of our own as a family and we all loved her very much.

She was what I think you call sable and white. She was so beautiful!

One day she was chasing and playing with my mother-in-law's dog that we had inherited (Sophie) and she hit her head on our brick fireplace! Immediately after she hit her head she began to have a seizure. We called her vet's emergency number and over the phone the vet told us what to do. After she had recovered somewhat we were supposed to let her rest and just keep an eye on her. I don't remember the next time she had a seizure, but it happened again and so we took her to the veterinarian as soon as possible. The put her on some medication.

A few days go buy and lo-and-behold she starts having seizures again! The vet tells us to up her medication dosage, but it doesn't seem to help. For the next week or two, it seemed like she was either having seizures or was so tired from having one that she cant move and only wants to sleep. That's when my husband and I had to make the very hard decision to put her down. We all cried and cried, but her quality of life was so bad that it seemed selfish to keep her with us. She obviously was not going to get any better and the medicine was having little to no effect. I remember my husband carrying her to his truck to take her to the vet's office. We kept petting her and telling her how much we loved her and what a good girl she was while kissing her face. We could not control our tears. My husband had to say his goodbyes and leave the room because he said he could not watch her being put to sleep. We were all very sad for a long time.

Then one day a couple of months later my husband, who at the time was a Sheriff's Deputy, received a call that a cow was loose in the county and was blocking the road. That happens a lot in rural Texas! lol! He answered the call and helped the owner, who happened to be a guy my husband already knew. While helping him get his cow back in the fence he notices that the guy has several Border Collies on his ranch. So, my husband tells him that if they ever have any puppies we would be interested in one. The man tells my him that they are all fixed, but he has one two year old puppy, that if his wife says its ok, we can have.

A few days go by, and the man gets in touch with my husband a tells him that his wife gave the ok, and he can come get her. My husband was on duty, but he went by and picked her up anyways. Before he could bring her home though he kept getting calls he had to answer so she had to ride around with him for a while. We tease that she had a short career as a K9 unit! lol!

A week or two after we got her. We were at the property on the river. :)

She immediately took to the girls and fit right in to our family. It was like she knew this was her new family. and the rest, as they say, is history. We've had her for five years now and we couldn't imagine life with out her. We still miss Gretchen very much, but having Princess helps a lot!

At the beach where we use to live

My baby loves Princess, but Princess is not too sure about this

Getting in on the fun!

 She says, "I cant believe you guys went went on vacation without me!"

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2008


South Texas's first dog sled team!

She's a total daddy's girl!

Trying a new do!

Daddy's girls

Everyone enjoys a good book!

She is such a daily part of our lives and a essential part of our family! I hope we have her for a very long time!

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