Popsicle Love

Here at our house we love to make homemade Popsicles! This morning, as I was fixing my coffee, Ashlyn and I got on the subject of making Popsicles. I realized I had some mangos in the fridge that needed to be eaten and that's when the idea struck me! Homemade Tropical Popsicles! I started the coffee pot (we have priorities around here you know!) and then pulled these ingredients out of the fridge:

2 mangos
1 banana (this was not in the fridge...I hate it when they turn black!)
1 single serving of vanilla yogurt
1 c. OJ
a few strawberries

I put everything but the strawberries in the blinder and made a puree. Then I simply poured the puree into the Popsicle molds. Next to add a little cuteness, I cut the tops off of the strawberries and then cut a notch on the top and then sliced them vertically to make little "hearts". Then I stuck the hearts (one on each side of the Popsicle) upside-down. I did them upside-down so that when you pull the pop out and hold it it will be right-side-up! ;) Now they are in the freezer and we will have a tasty treat full of healthy fruit and no added sugar!

I hope you will try this one out! Its fun to let the kids involved in cutting the fruit (with butter knifes) and put it in the blender. Then let them push the button! You will need to do the pouring unless you are out side with a garden hose ready!

Here are some pictures I snapped while putting this all together.

Bon Appetit!

I want it Wednesday!

I'm here by declaring it I want it Wednesday!
This day, and every Wednesday forth, I will will be showcasing of some the handmade goodies I covet from some of my favorite artisans! I find myself  "window shopping" online a lot. Especially when there are dishes to be done or laundry to be folded.

By the way, I'm still working on my Anthropologie imitation. I've run in to some hiccups but I hope to be done this weekend! I promise I'll show it when I'm done. I'm trying to remember to take pictures along the way so I can give you a tutorial, and hopefully if you like it you can do it yourself!

Without further adieu:

1)    I LOVE this little owl wall decal from ModernDecals. Its sweet, cute and I think it would work perfectly in KK's new room! (She is so excited to have a room for herself. My girls have NEVER had their own rooms! I guarantee Ashlyn will be crawling in bed with KK every night! Hehe!)

2)    I stumbled across this gem the other day and I love what it says as well as the lovely colors! Its so bright, cheery, and true! This is available as an 8x10 print from Dazeychic.

3)    O-M-G (goodness) These are spectacular! I want all of these fruit and veggie prints for my kitchen! I love them. I love all the bright colors. the traditional forms of the fruit and veggies done in fresh, colorful, awesomeness! I don't care if everyone has to wear sunglasses in my kitchen, I HAVE to have these. They are available for prints form PragyaK.

4)    This clock made by Decoylab is so simple and whimsical. I love all the cute little birdies sitting around this simple, yet intricate clock. This is truly a work of art!

5)    These colorful bird knobs are so unique and pretty! I think these would look cute on a dresser, bathroom cabinets, or kitchen even cabinets! You could get them in all one color of have fun with it and mix it up! They are made by careyleigh007.

I hope you enjoy these things as much as I do. Have a wonderful (and blessed) Wednesday! I'll be back soon with my latest project!

What I've been up to...

Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I had a big weekend with my girls dance recital and my SIL and her gorgeous kiddos visiting. Can you imagine 9 people squeezed in a 750 sq. ft. home??!! Yeah. It was tight! But I enjoyed their company immensely as I always do!

We managed to fit in some swimming time. A favorite activity among all.

Serious lunch conversation :)

Cutie #1

Cutie #2

The dance recital was so adorable. Both of my girls were in it. I was hard to get good pictures since my camera was DOA and my SIL's was having issues. :) Here's a few of the better ones:

Ashlyn's ballet dance was to the song 'My Favorite Thngs' from 'The Sound of Music' Soundtrack.

Her tap dance was to a song called 'Funky Feet'

KK's tap dance was to 'Dancing in the Rain'

She also did a ballet dance to 'Colors of the Wind' from the 'Pochahantis' Soundtrack, but I guess I didn't get any good pictures of that. :( I think that's when my camera went kaput.

On top of an already busy weekend we signed a new lease for a different house in our town. We will be more than doubling our living space and it a lot nicer! I cant wait.

The house we are in right now was supposed to be temporary (for only a few months), but its taken a full year to find something else that is priced reasonably.

I'll have a lot of projects to do and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you! I'm going to get started on one of them today and hopefully I'll have it up in a few days! I think you will like it. I don't want to say what it is, but I will say that I'm knocking-off an expensive Anthropoligie design!

Stay tuned to see what I come up with!

Over and out.

Tutorial: Hooooos the cutest?

OK! As I promised, I have a tutorial for you today! I think this is so cute! Ive been seeing these around and thinking for some time that I want to make one! My oldest just happens to LOVE anything owls so she has wanted one for a while. Today is her lucky day! :)

So to get started, I went through all my scraps and picked out a few that I thought go together well.

You will need different fabrics for each of these parts:

Front, back, outer eyes, middle eyes, inner eyes (I picked a solid brown felt), beak, & wings.

So, about 6-7 different fabrics. I also like to use fabrics with different textures. I used cottons, minky scraps, and felt.

Once you have your fabrics picked out you need to make your pattern.

Calm down! Its not that hard. Hang in here, I'll show you. :)

I taped 4 pieces of paper together to make a sheet big enough, but you could use some old poster board or something. Then I drew the best picture of what I wanted to do (free handed) as I could. then I folded it in half and cut it out so the owl's body would be symmetrical. *remember to make your owl body a little bigger than you want the pillow since you need to take up some area by stitching (leave a seam allowance).

Next, I placed a piece of paper over the wing and traced it. I labeled the front. You'll see why in a minute. Then I traced the beak and the eyes and cut it all out.

I cut out the front and backs from the fabrics of my choice.

Cut one fabric using the front of the pattern you made and then cut the other using the back of the fabric. this would allow your front and back to match up perfectly.

 Now you have front and back cut out.

Then I cut out the fabrics for the wings, beak, and eyes in squares that allow enough room for the pieces you want to cut out of them and then iron on to fusible web following the manufacturer directions. I bought mine a long time ago, and I don't remember what the brand is, but here you can find a similar product.

For the wings I folded the fabric (with the adhesive backing -paper still on-) in half. And traced, front side of the pattern up, and cut the wings. I do this this way so I get a mirror image effect with the two pieces.

By the way. Do you like my yellow polish? Oops! I tried some on at the store yesterday and decided I did not like it on me. I haven't taken it off yet.

Getting back on task:

This is what your wing piecs should look like.

I cut out all of my pieces. They should all have the adhesive backing on them. The backing should have the paper on it still. Take it all off.

Now lay all of your pieces on the front you cut out the way you want. The beak and the wings pretty much go in the predictable spots and the eyes do too, but you can have a little fun with the two inside pieces for the eyes.

Then I iron it on & zig-zag stitch it all down.

Ever heard of those people who go into a comma and wake up speaking a different language or with a different accent? Well, that kind of happened to my machine. I took it in to get some work done on it, and when I got it back it spoke German. Yep. All the stuff on the screen comes up in German. I think its kind of cool. Instead of "zig-zag" it says "zickzack". Instead of "straight stitch" it says "Geradstitch".

*Just a little hint.*
 If you sew a lot with the adhesive backing like I do it can cause some gunk to build up on your needle. To get rid of that gunk and prevent further gunk I put a little drop of this stuff, Sewers Aid-1/2 Ounce, on my finger tips and rub it on the needle. The gunk should come right off and then it lubricates the needle so you wont get more build up. You might have to do this every once in a while.:)

 Here is all the pieces stitched on. You would stick the beak down. I forgot and didn't realize it until I had everything stitched together. I had to open it all up and fix it. If I didn't make at-least one mistake while doing something I wouldn't be human. We are not perfect, but that's a whole different discussion.  :)

OK, so I have all the features stitched down. Now I put the front and back together right-sides facing and pin it. I pin the bottom where I want to leave it open to be able to stuff the pillow horizontally so I wont forget and stitch it closed. I'm not perfect: See above statement.

Stitch it all around, leaving open on the bottom. 

Take out pins and turn it inside out. Or right side out if you prefer. :)

Clip it around the edges and at the points.

Now its time to stuff it!

I just got this at our local super center.

*Push it all up in there! lol! Make sure the ears get plenty of stuffing. *

When you are satisfied with the fullness then stitch the opening closed.

Viola! You have the cutest pillow on the block! :())



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