Babies and BBQ

Sunday we traveled to an undisclosed location (hehe) in the Texas Hill Country and visited my husbands brother and sis-in-law. We also visited with my favorite nephew and nieces. Ok, Ok, they are my only nephew and nieces, but if I had others they quite possibly would still be my favorite.

My beautiful SIL has four children; one son and three girls. The two younger girls are twins.

This was them at one day old!   

They are a precious, but unexpected surprise. My SIL and I have had many conversations before they were born about whether or not we would ever have any more children. The last conversation I had with her she had decided she was done and happy with the two she already had. God had other he usually does!

We soon found out that she was indeed pregnant and everyone had a hard time even fathoming that little tidbit of info. She was so sick for a long time and at first everyone thought she had a really bad bug or something. Come to find out it was due to the high levels of estrogen in her system. And it all made since when they discovered she was carrying twin girls!

Don't look at me....look at the babies!!!! That's me and my hubby there if you must know! The twins had just came home from the hospital. :)

Now it has been about 7 1/2 months since they were born and they are blessed with good health and a wonderful family. It only seemed right that they now be "given" back to the Lord who has blessed our entire family so abundantly, so last Sunday they were dedicated at church!

I went to the restroom to get tissues before the service because I knew it wouldn't be long until they were needed to mop up the mascara that would be flowing down my face! The service was beautiful. The family was beautiful. The day was beautiful!

After the church service we all went to a local BBQ place to celebrate this joyous occasion. The BBQ was good and the company was better what more could you ask for?!

I enjoyed every second I got to spend with them as I always do! I Love you guys!

The big cousins...relatively speaking

Baby "c"

Baby "J"

My hubby & his dad

Forrest (my hubby) and Kate Linn (my oldest baby...whaaaaaah!)

My SIL & me

Just call me blessed! :)

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  1. You are blessed with such a beautiful family!


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