Blog Crushing

I'm working on a tutorial to post tomorrow,  and I wanted to give you something to enjoy while you wait.
Sooooo. Here are some of the blogs I'm crushing on right now.

Go check them out....They are what I could only hope to be. :)

Don't forget to come back tomorrow and see what I've been up to!!

First up is Little Miss Momma! Ashley is so sweet and creative. I love how she lets us in on her personal struggles and helps up to remember we are not alone in our's. :) I dig her style also!


Next would have to be The Shabby Chic Cottage. After living on the coast for some time how could I not like Gina's beautiful blog?! She has beachy shabby-chic down to a science and executes it with ninja like skills! Girl got taste!:)

Last, but not least, is blogging superstar V and Co.. I've followed her blog even before I thought about starting my own. She has some of the best tutorials and is a huge inspiration to me!

I hope you go check out these three amazing gals, but pleases don't forget about little ole' me! Come back tomorrow for my first ever tutorial post. I know it will be nothing as great as what these ladies do, but hopefully you will enjoy it anyways. :)
Humbly yours,

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