Breakfst in bed???

This morning I awoke to the pitter-patter of not so little feet, well, 7yr and 9 1/2 yr. old feet. My girls had conspired with each other to make me breakfast in bed. My breakfast consisted of cut up canned fruit and weak coffee. It was a very sweet thought! I love that my girls are so thoughtful!

On Friday they came home from school with Mother's Day gifts in-tow. They begged and begged for me to open them. I told them to wait until Sunday, but they were not having it.

Who am I to stop such sweet children from experiencing the joy of gift giving? So, I let them give them to me. :)

Here's the booty:

From KK

She made a plate that is actually usable. They colored a picture on special paper and then the paper was "baked" on the the melamine plate. It's food safe and you can even put it in the dishwasher. (What mom doesn't like that??!!) The plant is zinnias and I cant wait to find a special planter to put it in. :)

From Ashlyn

Ashlyn made me a very thoughtfully decorated card with  a really sweet poem on the back.(not pictured) It reads:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Mom, you know how I love you!

The teapot is a card with a cute little poem and a tea bag stapled in it for me to enjoy a spot of tea. :)

I love getting these things made by my lovies!

What goodies did you get for Mother's Day? Do you have any plans for today?

What ever you got and whatever you are doing I hope you have the best Mother's Day yet! Enjoy your little ones. Hug them tight and think about how blessed you are to have them!

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