In a pinch

I've bee sick all week and while I know that not really a good excuse, it's the only one I got. You see that while I love the mothers in my life very much I have neglected to buy, make or send one single item. When I opened the mail box today I was pleasantly surprised! I had not one but two cards! One was from my mother-in-law and the other was from my sister-in-law. They were both lovely cards and were very thoughtful and sweet. My sister-in-laws card to me had a Starbucks gift card in it though! Yay! At first I was guilt ridden because (as usual) I am not organized and on top of things and I hadn't done anything. I don't know why I'm so bad at that kind of stuff! My SIL's card gave me an idea though....what if??? I went to the Starbucks website and lo and behold- My redemption was at hand!

I sent e-cards to all my special ladies! Now they will never know how absent-minded I am. (Unless they are reading this...oops!)

They come in several different designs and not just for Mother's Day either!

Here are their Mother's Day designs:

Cute huh?!!

How would you like to get one from me to you???

As a special Mother's Day treat I would like to give you a chance to receive a $15 e-card from Starbucks....a gift from me to you!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite treat from Starbucks is.

For additional entries you can:

1)"Like" me on My Facebook page

2)"follow" me through Google Friends (on the left-hand side of my blog)

3)"follow" me through by email (on the left-hand side of my blog)

That's a total of 4 chances to win!

**No entries after 12:00am (central time) Saturday.**
I will randomly select the winner on Sunday, May 8th. The winner will have 48hrs to contact me and claim their prize or another winner will be randomly selected. Starbucks has no Idea who I am and they have no idea I am doing this. :) 

Good Luck and early Happy Mother's Day!


  1. I just found your blog and enjoyed looking around! Starbucks is a fun place, especially with a teen or college kid in tow. I'll be subscribing to your blog to see ideas and encouragement! Thanks. Happy Mother's Day to you too!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you too! I hope you feel better by then. I just found your blog and enjoyed looking around. Thanks for the ideas and encouragement. Starbucks is always a fun place to go, especially with a teen or college kid in tow! Thanks!!

  3. Call me crazy...but I don't like coffee! lol! Well, I don't like to drink it. I love the smell of it. My favorite thing at Starbucks is the blueberry muffins. I still haven't given up on finding a coffee that I enjoy. Maybe one day....

  4. Hi. I wanted to say Thank you so much for your kind words on my beloved dog...I miss her so much.
    Also, I would like to enter in your giveaway. I don't really know what my favorite treat there is because I have only been once and it was a long,long time ago....I can't even remember what I got then. Thanks


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