Tutorial: Making a Facebook Landing page for you business/blog

I'm so proud of myself! I love it when I set out to do something and I take the time to learn and accomplish it! It gives me a since of accomplishment I don't get around here with the never ending laundry and dishes!

I set out to learn how to make a facebook landing page and that's exactly what I've done! It's really not as hard as you would think. All you need is your graphic (either something you whipped up or had someone else make!) and a will to learn. You don't even have to know that much HTML! Or any at all if you are willing to research and learn! (I'll tell you how I made a simple clickable link!) Now, if you are one of the people out there that are saying, "I cant learn that stuff!" stick with me! Its NOT THAT HARD! Just take it one step at a time!

The first thing you need to do is have your graphic ready. Here is mine:

 I added in some info about me. A sentence about clicking like. And I let everyone know that if they want to visit my blog they can simply click this image! You can put anything you want! The purpose of doing this landing page it to make you visitors feel more welcome, look more professional and polished, and get them to click the "Like" button!

The next step is to go to your page and search for Static HTML: iframe tabs.

Static HTML iFrame Tab (by Jason Padvorac), allows you to add 2 landing pages: 1 for non-fans, and 1 for fans. There are other HTML / iFrame type applications available, but I like this one in particular because it’s free, easy to use and doesn't ask for your email or any permissions like some of the other ones do.

Click on it and it will take you to their page. Click on ADD STATIC HTML ON A PAGE. Simply choose which page to add it to (if you have more than one) and then go back to your page. You will see in your left hand column the little "star" symbol - click on it. That will bring you to this page:

You will need to have your image uploaded to a image hosting website like Photobucket. You will need to cut and paste the code below replacing the text in the ""'s with your own picture URL and website URL.

You get the picture URL from the website you uploaded your picture to and your website URL would be something like www(dot)yourwebsite(dot)com.

Here is the code:

<a href="your website here" target="_blank"><img src="your image URL here"></a>

The code: target="_blank> makes it open in a new window or tab. I like that so that the dont actually leave you page and will be more likely to come back to it and hopefully spend some time looking around!

Once you have your info plugged into the code you will click SAVE AND VIEW TAB

You will see a screen like this:

Click VIEW AS A NON-FAN. You should see your image and it should be clickable. When you click on it it should open a new window or link and take you to your business or blog.

Mine looks like this:

I hope this helps you figure it out! Let me know if you have any questions! I will try to answer them the best I can. I am not a whiz at HTML, but if I don't know I'll try to find out! Thanks for visiting and I hope you give it a try! Its not as difficult as it seems! You'll be so proud of yourself for doing it!

If you would like some help with the graphics side of it I can help! Visit my etsy shop and purchase the custom facebook landing page.

Have a blessed day!

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