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Wow! Where has the time gone?! It was the middle of summer the last time I posted! I'm sorry about that. I have been somewhat busy, but I'm not going to lie. Ive been relaxing at the pool with friends, traveling, and just taking it easy. You see its been in the 100's since the end of February around here and its just too hot to do anything but go to the pool.
Besides all that, I have been getting things ready, and now started, for our 2011-2012 home school adventure. We are wrapping up our second week and so far so good. I hear all the time, “Your first year is going to be the hardest...just hang in there. It get better!” but It's been wonderful so far! I've enjoyed waking up at 7-7:30 and then cooking breakfast, spending time with the hubbs before he is off to work, downing a few cups of joe, maybe reading a chapter or two in a book {I'll tell you what I just finished, and what I'm reading soon later!}, then finally we all get dressed, make our beds and do a devotional before we get started for the day. We usually get finished some where between 1:30 and 2:30- taking an hour for lunch.
I enjoy talking with my girls, knowing they are learning the Truth in all of their studies by using curriculum that express a Christian world view, watching them learn and grow, and laughing with them about the silly things in life.
Today I wanted to share with you what curriculum I ultimately chose and why. Also, some of the other resources we have Incorporated in to our school day. I will share them in the order we use them because that's just how my brain works! Hehe!
The first thing we do is a devotion. We use a book given to us for the anniversary of K & A's baptism by their aunt and God Mother. The title of the book is Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young.

Its a super cute and understandable devotional for kids. If you are looking for a devotional for your little one then I would check this one out!

Next, we say our pledges {American, Texan, Christian, and the pledge to the Bible} this may sound like over kill to some of you, but I think its so important to learn these. Many adults don't even know these pledges. To tell the truth, I am still learning a few of them. I think that's pretty sad. If you don't know these already I would recommend looking them up and teaching them to your family. I think they will be a blessing to you and your children.
Then its on to one of the girl's favorite parts of the day. I have saved links to the songs “Bible Book Bop” and “The Ten Commandment Boogie” by Go Fish you can find these songs on youtube. We listen to these as a fun way to learn the books of the bible, and the Ten Commandments. Again, if you take the time to teach these things to your children {and to yourself} it WILL bless you!

After we get settled down from all the boogie-ing and bopping around, we sit down and open our Apologetics book called Who is God? published by Apologia. I love this because I fell like it helps to lay down a firm foundation for my girls so that when the go into the big bad world they know who they are and what they believe. The hope is that if they already know these things before they leave our home then they wont be looking in all the wrong places to find them out like so many of our youth today are doing.

Then we go on to my least favorite part. Spelling and Grammar. I use some spelling workbooks I found on and for grammar I use the Easy Grammar workbooks. There is not much to why I chose these. I just inspected them and they looked like something we could handle. I like that the spelling workbooks has a Christian undertone to it and the Easy Grammar workbook were a suggestion from my hubby since he used them during his short stint of homeschooling in high school. The spelling books are called..wait for it....wait for it...

Spelling! I bet you would have never guessed that one! Hehe! They are published by Purposeful Design.

On to the next subject! Next, we do math. I use Saxon Math for two reasons. One, it was recommended to me by several friends, and two- I used it growing up {in public school}. I thought that since the are probably still teaching the methods I learned it would be easier to understand and teach to my girls. Saxon does get carried away with the amount of problems given for one day, but I just look over the worksheets and then based on what I feel they need to work on, I eliminate some of the problems from their to do list.

The next two subjects are our favorite! History and science!
For history we use Mystery of History. I like the way they show bible characters and the usual characters side by side. This gives you a greater understanding of the timing of events and makes it more interesting. With this curriculum you are encouraged to make a timeline which is fun and really helps us visual learners! I'm so excited about this curriculum! I didn't even know it existed until a lady in the Yahoo home school group I'm in posted that she wanted to sell her Mystery of History curriculum. I did some research and then bought it from her. All this after praying to the Lord for Him to show me what History Curriculum to use! How exciting is that! You KNOW exciting things are going to happen when you are following God's will!

For science we use another of Apologia's publications. Its the Astronomy book in their series of science books. They have suggested that you do only two days a week, but we are doing four so we can maybe squeeze in the Botany book after Christmas. Well, see. I don't want to rush through it though. I choose this curriculum because I like the Christain world view it teaches and the journals you can get to do the work in. I was impressed with the quality of product for the price! We love it so far!

After we have done all this we spend about 30 – 60 minutes reading in the library book they picked out at the library. We go every two weeks since it is out of town for us {we live in a VERY small town!}.

We have signed up for some classes that are to start next week with out local home school co-op. They will be taking Spanish, art, and a logic/brain games class! I'm VERY excited about those!

Also starting next week are the girls dance {Tap and Ballet} classes! We are looking forward to those as well!

Well, what do you think? Do you use any of these for your classes? If you do have any of these, have you had success with them or did you hate them? I'd love to hear about what works for you! Are there any other curriculum you LOVE?

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