I Want it Wendsday...10.19.11

Hello, my name's Leah and I'm addicted to Pinterst.

I can hear most of you saying, "Hello Leah." because unless you are that Geico Guy's relative and live under a rock also, you have at least heard of Pintrest. And if you have heard of Pintrest, then most likely you have checked it out. And if you have checked it out then you are hooked! Thankfully, I cannot speak from experience, but I'm sure It's more addictive than crack! I. Love. Pintrest.

Anyhoo, all that to say, all of today's "I wants" come from Pintrest. Enjoy!

First off there is this AMAZING Kitchen Aid mixer. It doesn't have a very good link, so I don't know if someone had it painted that way, or if they added decals. BTW~ I have thought about taking my plain ole' white mixer to a body shop and seeing how much they would charge to re-paint it to my specifications. I don't know if this can actually be done, but I cant see why not. The only thing that stops me is I'm afraid it will be terribly expensive and that they would think {or find out, rather} that I'm a nut. I live in too small of a town for that. I'm sure they all think I'm batty already for deciding to homeschool. ;) no need to add fuel to the fire! hehe! After all, I think I can just add some vinyl decals to my mixer and achieve the same look for under $20. It won't be that stunning Caribbean Blue, but c'est la vie.

Source: imgfave.com via Leah on Pinterest

OK, now this is one of the most GEORGOUS things I have ever seen! If I had a house I actually owned {We still rent, boo!} I would be more than half way tempted to put this everywhere. I would seriously have to have someone stop me! It the most fabulous tile ever!

I would break these so fast, but I would enjoy the short time I would have with them. These sunglasses are so unique! They are hand-carved, I believe. All I can say is WOW! Check out this guy's shop. He has different styles and even sells his/her matching glasses!

Source: etsy.com via Leah on Pinterest

This last one is such a great idea! Why is it not more popular? Maybe most people don't still use landlines anymore. This would sure save me some neck pain as I talk to my mom on the phone while I'm doing dishes or cooking! I have a friend {surprising, I know!} and we use to like to both be sewing as we were talking on the phone. Inevitably one of us would have to hang up because our neck just couldn't take it anymore. Well, with this product, problem solved! Its a blue tooth device for you home phone. It allows you to talk on the phone hands free! Cool! The link is to a online shop, but I cannot fin the product anymore. If its something you would really like to have then maybe you could google it. Sorry about that. I still want to share with you though.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a very blessed Wednesday!

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