Möbius Strip and Bias Tape

The other week when we learned about the geometric shape, Möbius Strip. A Möbius Strip has only one side and only one edge. It was discovered by two German Mathematicians, August Möbius and Johann Listing in 1858. We learned about because it was used to illustrate how God has no beginning and no end...He is eternal and how He has only one side. God can only be holy {without sin} and never evil. We are learning this in Lesson 4 of our Who is God curriculum from Apologia. You will see how it illustrates this in a second.

If you want to make one all you have to do is cut a strip of paper. Holding each end of the strip of paper in each hand bend the ends to form a circle. Now flip one end upside down, so there is a twist in the strip. Tape the ends together. Now with a pencil or marker {preferably pink :)} start in one place  and draw a line down the strip, never picking up the marker. If done correctly you should end up in the same place you started! Proving it only has one side!

We did this experiment and the girls were amazed! I suggest doing this with you little ones! It will blow their minds, forever securing that you are the coolest mom ever to know such things! hehe!

Anyways, I was sewing last night and I was looking up an easier way to make bias tape for the project I was working on. {I'll show you when its done} Everyone probably already knew this, but I had not spent much time making bias tape, but I found a great tutorial on this blog: Prudent Baby. You make a rhombus with you fabric and then you draw the lines in the width of you tape. Then, just like you do with the Möbius Strip, you put the long ends together while twisting one side and stitch. Then you cut one long strip until you have cut all the fabric {see Prudent Baby blog for better instructions!}. This saves you from having to cut them all out and then sewing them all together end on end. It was a pretty nifty trick, and as you can tell I was thoroughly impressed!

Here is a picture of what a Möbius Strip looks like and a link to wikipedia where you can learn more about it.

Have a good columbus day!

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