{25} Days of Holiday Hullabaloo! Day 3

This next Holiday Hullabaloo activity is a great one, but you may have to do it in a different order depending on whats going on in the area where you live. Last night our community came together for the first time {in a long time at least} and celebrated Christmas with a parade and a bazaar full of wonderful local vendors!  My girls and I enjoyed seeing everyone while selling hot cocoa, cookies and handmade goodies! What fun we had! It truly was a blessing to see our community come together to celebrate our Savior's birthday! I would suggest you seek out events in your community as one of your Advent activities! Here are some pictures from last night!

 Feliz Navidad!

 My little entrepreneurs!

Ash on the First Baptist Kid's Choir float!

The back of the Kid's Choir float. The church on the trailer is a model of our church building! Isn't it cute!?! I think is need some more painting on it though. Maybe some stained glass painted it the windows and some hedges along the bottom.  

This was KK's 4H float! She was on the other side so I didn't get to see her, let a lone take a picture! Boo! 

Now this next picture is not really of anything particular, nor is it a particularly good pic, but I wanted to share because I think the expressions on the two ladies in the bottom right corner is so funny! I wonder whats going on? I like to make up my own little stories to pictures like this. I know, I'm too easily amused!

How does your community celebrate Christmas? Do you have a parade? A festival? Or something totally unique? Leave me a comment! I'd love to know!


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  1. Hi Leah,

    i just wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten about the list you asked me to put together for my blog overhaul. I have just been so busy, it's crazy. I will try to get something to you by next Wednesday.
    Thanks for being so patient!!


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