An Apology and a Giveaway!

Hello everyone! I'm back and I'm here to apologise to everyone about flaking out on the Holiday Hullabaloo I promised! The whole explanation would take forever for me to give and is very complicated, so unless you are a therapist, you may just want the top three reasons I stopped blogging for the last month.

1. I got sick and just didn't feel up to it.
2. We got a new puppy and I didn't sleep for like a week and a half! (I'll post pics on here later, but if you cant wait to see check out my FB page!
3. I just plain got burned out.

There are other factors, but those are the biggies.

I'm back though, and I'm not quite ready to give up just yet! I read the other day on a blog called Gabriel's Good Tidings (I meet her when she bought some custom graphics in my etsy shop! She is really sweet. You should check her out sometime!) about how she had been so busy she was thinking about giving up her blog (see the post here) and I commented saying I was kind of in the same boat and I hadn't made up my mind as to what to do either. Well, by making that comment a friend of Amy's (Gabriel's Good Tidings) sent me an email asking if I wanted to do a giveaway along with some kind words of encouragement. It has helped tremendously. Never underestimate what a kind word can do for others! I have decided to do the giveaway and keep blogging until further notice, even if I do feel as if I am typing to myself! :)

The wonderful lady that has inspired me to keep on going (for now) is none other that Esther from Coupons Make it Free! She will be sponsoring the giveaway soon, so go subscribe to her blog or "like" her of FB to be sure not to miss it!

What will I be giving away, you ask? Well, do you remember the post I did about the Oodles of Ruffles Shower Curtain? If you do, you may be excited to know you can have the shower curtain and not have to go through the hellish nightmare of making it! I will be giving one away! If you haven't seen the post then where on earth have you been!! lol!! Go check it our immediately! Now! Get!

I will announce on here and on my FB page when to go to her blog and find out how to enter to win! So don't go far!

Thanks for your patience and remember to encourage one another! It may mean more to someone than you think! ;) I'll be back with a Fabulous Friday Link up tomorrow! Get those projects and recipes ready!

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