In my past life...

Well, maybe not my past life, but it feels that long ago! The other day I was digging through some of my OLD pictures I thought you might enjoy seeing what I use to do!

I love to look at those old pics of the "good ole days" when my girls were little and they would let me dress them up like little dolls! Not so much anymore.

About five years ago, I use to make custom children's clothes and sell them on Ebay! That was before Etsy was big or even around! I remember around the time I decided to give it up some of my friends in the custom boutique sewing community were just catching on the the whole Etsy thing and wondering if they should make the switch! lol! I sooo LOVE Etsy more than Ebay! At least for handmade goodies!

I quit because it was taking so much time from my family and I was not making much money. When you make something handmade often people don't consider your time when they are looking at the price! I usually priced my stuff around $50 and that was not enough to pay for all the materials and make it worth my time (or my family's time!). Oh, sure, there were other more well known designers on Ebay who could sell their frocks for $100, $200, and sometimes even $300, but after almost two years of trying I had not even come close to that kind of status!

Anyways, I just thought you might like to know a little about me and my past. Maybe you sew and would like some design inspiration! Whatever! Over the course of the two years I changed my name a few times thinking if I had just the right name them people would buy my stuff more! lol! How silly is that! I used the names: FancyPants, MissyMoo, and Southbeachkids. Give me a shout out if you ever saw my stuff! lol! Probably not, though!

I hope you are having a wonderfully BLESSED weekend!

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