How to install a Background Image on Your Blogger Blog

A large number of people who ask me to make blog headers for them also ask me to instal them. I's a pretty easy and straightforward process and I think any one can learn it if they try! I set up a test blog in my blogger account where I can experiment with new designs and ideas with out worrying about messing up my real blog. Since I don't publish anything on it no one even sees it or knows it's there. You might want to do the same if you are just learning or are scared to make changes to your blog. Once I figure it out then I do it on my real blog. It give you the freedom to try new things! Freedom is good!

I've put together a tutorial *based on the "SIMPLE" template* on how to change your blog background. Check it out:

  1. Log-in to your blogger blog and click on your blog to open it.

2. Click on "Template" 
 3. Click on "Customize"
 4. Click on "background"

 5.Click on “Upload Image” and then “Browse”. Find the image you have saved on your computer (I like to save them on my desktop so they are easy to find. You can move them later.)

6. Now you can change the tile and alignment options if needed. Just play around with it until it looks the way you want it to. Your changes are only saved if you click “Apply to Blog” in the top right hand corner. Not all images make good backgrounds. You can upload a JPG, GIF, or PNG file up to 300k in size. For a full background, use images 1800x1600 or greater.  If your image will be tiled then you need it to be a “seamless image”. That means that all the edges will match up when they are placed next together to make one seamless image.

I hope this helps some of you begenners out there! Heck I need a reminder from time to time! :) Here are some of my favorite places, free and not free, to get some cute background images. Of course you can always visit my Etsy shop and order a Custom Header and Background from me! Have fun!

Free background images:
Not-free background images:
Stay tuned for another begenner's tutorial for your Blogger Blog coming soon! 



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